Company Description

Genworth helps millions of people around the world secure their financial lives, families and futures by delivering on our promises. Our dedicated Information Technology teams are critical to these promises—employing the technology necessary to deliver simplified, fast and cost-effective service solutions to both our customers and distribution partners. At Genworth, Information Technology is not just a department—each of our talented associates is core to the fulfillment of our vision and values. Genworth’s rotational IT Development Program (ITDP) consists of four six-month rotations and two intense IT Boot Camps. ITDPs have the opportunity to design complex business solutions by using agile methodology and project management skills coupled with the technical work needed to develop the solution. Assignments will typically focus on core IT processes in Application Development, Network, Client/Server, Database, Programming Languages, Web Development, Architecture, System Integration, and/or project management. Our 12 week IT internship is essentially one shorter rotation in the ITDP where you will work on one of our in-house IT teams building capabilities for the business.

Currently offering

  • Full-time positions
  • Summer internships
  • Co-ops

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6620 West Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230